On the Walls of Granville

The invisible

Street artists excel in the art of disappearing behind their anonymity. Mystery is the price to pay so as to be free to create, think and question urbanization.

What is useless is essential

These works of art offer sharp minded people an appealing invitation to disorder, transgression and extravagance. Their imaginary dimension and their humour spice up the city and give it a poetic touch. They also enable the wise onlookers not to “read” the walls of the city too literally as they playfully walk around with their nose up in the air. Here is the glossary of an essential uselessness.

The fall of the blue man.

The blue man will never reach the ground. He is hanging upside down, held back by the strings of time and he looks quite disorientated with his head pointing downward.

Street artists like Granville

When he is planning his work or carefully choosing what his next spot will be, the artist does so with all the respect due to his town. He makes us think and see things differently as he alters the visual space of the city.

Mouky’s collages.

Mouky is an artist from Granville who uses the paste up technique. One must keep in mind that his work does not merely consist in cutting up photocopies: he uses a self-made screen print process to create small series.

The blue bird.

Theses birds caught hanging in mid air are rare (only three specimens) and discreet. Would blue be the colour of suspended time in Granville?

The town walls.

A long poetic text was once painted on a wall of the harbour: with time it has been covered by numerous layers of paint and it is now indecipherable. This text can be seen as an ode to the permanence and solidity of the town walls. A few words can nonetheless be deciphered and they show that the content of this poem is quite heart-rending.

One technique, two different visions of the world.

“Balthazar Picsou” and “Indignez-vous” (a portrait of Stephane Hessel)

Picsou who is the stingy prototype of the American self-made man shares the walls with Stephane Hessel, the now famous humanist who offers a much more generous vision of the world.

The depths of the world.

On the rocks of the cliff, in hidden places you will meet scary creatures which create a genuine fantastic atmosphere. The spot inspired their authors whose only aim was undoubtedly to unsettle the passers-by. Don’t let them cast a spell on you…. Pull yourself together and walk back to the light.

Street art vs Graffiti.

Graffiti artists repossess the city, their ephemeral art is the expression of a need to create freely and also to criticize the dehumanisation of urban spaces.

Street art which is more elaborate and more conceptual seems less offensive than graffiti but both question the layouts of public spaces. Might the presence of street art be a good way to assess the amount of tolerance in a city?


As you walk around the streets of Granville you will inevitably notice the presence of stylised octopusses on the walls. An investigation was required to discover who had made them. Surprise! The artist is not from Granville, he lives in Paris where he has been exercising his art since the beginning of the 90s. His name is GZ’UP and he has visibly been fond of Granville for quite a while.

GZ’UP, what drives you to stick these octopusses?

It is an addiction. Some people smoke ciggies, while I stick octopusses. I smoke as well. I consider that when you are a street artist you must always be in the street whether the temperature is -10°C or 30°C. What I like about it is the illegal aspect of the whole thing. I like the thrill you get when you take that kind of risks.

Funny faces

Artiste Ouvrier and Sane Two

On the walls of the Granville media library there is a collaborative work by Artiste Ouvrier and Sane Two. It was commissioned for the “Les Sorties de Bain” festival in 2013.

Béa Pyl

Jigsaw pieces scattered throughout the city. What is this mystery? On the pieces one can read: “If we loved, Be you, Can’t buy me, Love, Dream, Smile, Love yourself”.

Who are you Béa Pyl? Or more precisely, Béa “Puzzle Your Life”.

“I like to think of myself as a passionate person who is always hungry for the pleasures that life can give you. And I am always craving for more! I have always loved painting, writing, composing, taking photos, eating, tasting, smelling, touching, devouring, listening, petting…. I like to feel life in all its aspects, in all its senses.

The symbol of Fauve.

Fauve is an artistic collective, “a body using different media (music, videos, photos, texts, visuals, web, etc.)”. They have strong connections in Granville and they regularly come back here. From here it is a short step from believing that they have left a record of their passage, so let’s go for it!

The veterans

From the beginning of this peregrination on the walls of Granville some works have disappeared while others have appeared. This book is only a snapshot that will be outdated in less than two years from now… However, small traces of these works of art, will always remain. The artists created them for diverse reasons: one of them is our pleasure.

Last page

As you may have noticed, there are almost no indications of where you can find the works of art mentionned in this book… This ws no accident, we did it on purpose.

You will discover them and create your own personal map of the city as you stroll through the streets of Granville. Some are easy to find, others are hidden in unexpected recesses. There are only two rules: keep your nose up in the air and stay on the lookout. Make your move and enjoy!

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